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The catalogue for each forthcoming sale is usually available on this page from the Thursday morning prior to auction [or sooner if possible]. It will usually remain on-line for general viewing until the following one is published.

All descriptions are given in good faith as a statement of our opinion & therefore should not be taken as a statement of fact. Potential purchasers should attend the viewing days in order to satisfy themselves as to the authenticity & condition of lots prior to bidding. 

Viewing dates for the  OCTOBER 3rd auction are as follows:-

Friday   .... September 29th...10 - 12  & 2 - 4

Saturday .... September 30th....10 - 12

Monday  .... October....9 - 4

Morning sale @ 10.am - China, Silver, Jewellery, Pictures, Collectables - Lot 1 - 337- finish approx 12.15 pm

Afternoon sale @ 2pm.  - Domestic Appliances, Antique, Reproduction & Modern Furniture - Lot 338 - 469 - finish approx 3.15 pm


 The Video preview is now available. Below is a  link to youtube where we have placed a short walk around video view of the auction room in order to give a general idea of what is going to be included in the auction. This link will available on the feature page at around the same time that the catalogue goes online, normally the Thursday before the sale, or sooner if possible.

Video link for OCTOBER 3rd auction video preview - below . Click on the link to pscrouch's youtube channel

 pscrouch's channel - YouTube          click the link to the YouTube channel then click on the relevant video title to watch the preview.    


Auction Date- TUESDAY - OCTOBER 3rd

10am start
1 Gilded figure based table lamp
2 silver plated table lamp [req' re-wiring]
4 royal doulton character jug- Bacchus
5 small wooden lift top box with decoration to top
6 oriental decorated plaque
7 2 Lladro & 1 nao bird figures [1 defective]
8 large all over decorated pottery plaque, imari cover jar & oriental decorated ginger jar
9 3 cases of cutlery
10 pair of green glass vases with decoration
11 3 old brass miners lamps
12 all over decorated tin glazed wall plaque [def']
13 2 china plates decorated with Buckingham Palace scenes
14 pair of elephant figure bookends
15 brass letter rack with inkwell
16 wooden tray with inlaid decoration
17 Royal Doulton figure of lady on sofa 'Sweet and Twenty'  HN 1298
18 Victorian rosewood inlaid sewing box
19 Royal Winton pottery sifter with pixie & other decoration
20 gilded metal dressing table ware
21 tall pair of brass candlesticks
22 Georgian mahogany lift top 2 section tea caddy
23 Victorian pottery frog mug - souvenir of Shakespeare
24 small blue & white oriental decorated leaf shaped dish
25 small sampler
26 Royal Crown Derby 20 pce china teaset
27 Moorcroft blue ground pottery vase [def']
28 large satsuma pottery vase
29 large all over oriental decorated plaque
30 2 Royal Crown Derby coffee cups & saucers
31 cut glass perfume spray
32 Viners decorated plated large 2 handled tray
33 pair of framed plated picture decorated plaques
34 decorated oak biscuit barrell with plated lid, rim & swing handle
35 Beswick 'circus' decorated cup & sandwich plate
36 Staffordshire doll headed pin cushion
37 purple glass owl figure paperweight-signed to base
38 oak jug with plated rim, lid, handle & binding-with mask spout
39 pair of carved wood buddah figures
40 pr of ebony elephant figures
41 set of royal doulton figures of the 7 Dwarves
42 small pair of blue coloured glass vases
43 mahogany box containing flower display
44 edwardian inlaid mahogany chiming mantel clock with silvered dial
45 oak cased striking wall clock with silvered dial
46 edwardian mahogany cased striking mantel clock with silvered dial
47 royal doulton character jug 'Ard of Earing'  D 6588
48 victorian lustre toby jug
49 brass terrestrial globe
50 brass cased carriage clock
51 oak table lamp with frosted globe shade - req rewiring
52 edwardian striking mantel clock with silvered dial
53 georgian mahogany 3 section caddy - interior incom.
54 armstrong of Manchester brass cased barometer with thermometer
55 2 Victorian boxes
56 crown devon lustre bowl [def'] & anysley lustre bowl
57 old pewter plate
58 decca portable record player
59 2 walking sticks with silver bands and union flag
60 2 lacquered papier mache trays
61 lladro figure of child with toy boat
62 lladro figure - girl holding lamb and basket of flowers
63 lladro fiugure - girl feeding goose
64 lladro figure - girl wearing hat
65 lladro figure - girl with geese
66 lladro figure - girl with basket of flowers
67 lladro figure - boy carrying 2 buckets
68 lladro figure - girl with rabbit
69 lladro figure - girl with bird
70 lladro figure - girl with goose
71 royal doulton figure - autumn breezes - hn 1934
72 royal doulton figure - betsy
73 royal worcester figure - Katies' day, playtime
74 royal doulton figure - golden day - hn 2274
75 large cut glass vase
76 pair of cloisonne vases [1 def'] & similar smaller vase
77 1 beswick horse
78 tortoise figure lift top box
79 glass lady figure on stand
80 musical glass and plated spirits decanter - swan lake
81 2 royal doulton decorated pottery vases
82 carltonware rouge royale small pottery vase with gilded handles
83 royal dux pottery tiger figure
84 pr oak mounted brass figural plaques representing the arts
85 1930s plaster figure of boy with baskets of fruit - boy in need of attention
86 set 3 lladro china Polar bears
87 pr staffordshire style dog figures
88 brass jam and milk pans, and brass bowl
89 reproduction scrimshaw
90 Beswick 1930s pottery vase - hairline crack
91 2 Poole blue pottery cats
92 Losolware blue and gilt dec. sandwich set
93 2 royal doulton blue pottery pict. Plates and large rose dec. dish
94 royal crown derby style blue, gilt and floral dish
95 set of 5 Robertsons golly figure musicians
96 oak canteen 12 pairs plated fish eaters
97 set of 10 Royal Copenhagen picture dec. plates with certificates, stands and cert. of auth.
98 Framed bronze death plaque, - Ernest Hall, killed in action, Loos 1915
99 repro. Brass  telescope in stained wood case
100 oak presentation canteen of plated table cutlery
101 carved oak barometer with thermometer
102 art deco oak cased striking mantel clock & stained wood mantel clock
103 set 8 and 3 other picture dec. limited edition and other plates
104 4 boxed royal doulton bunnykins figures & 2 boxed royal doulton Winnie the pooh fig's
105 plaster figure of whistling boy
106 victorian walnut stationery and writing box with mother of pearl inlay
107 mahogany lift top box
108 oak smokers' cabinet
109 edwardian inlaid mahogany mantel clock on 4 brass feet
110 edwardian mahogany mantel clock on 4 feet
111 poole figure of an otter
112 small figure of a lion cub - Russian
113 beswick figure of a donkey
114 hummel figure of girl with geese & hummel duck fig. salt and pepper pots
115 beswick china horse figure
116 silver topped ebonised cane
117 1 swagger stick
118 set of 3 beswick flying ducks
119 umbrella with gold band & walking cane with silver band
120 modern blue decorated vase/stick stand
121 Royal Doulton plate, 2 blue & white jars, staffordshire style dog & other decorativeware
122 collection of red blue & oriental decorated teaware
123 red glass vase, pedestal dish, murano style glass fish, cutlery rests & other glassware
124 large collection of plated & other cutlery & other metalware
125 cut glass bowls, vases & similar items
126 pr plated wall vases, pr cutlery rests, coaster & other platedware
127 2 toby jugs, few figures, pr china candlesticks & 2 jewellery boxes
128 6 decorated sundae glasses
129 small blue & white oriental decorated teapot, various jugs, tankards & other potteryware
130 collection of plated teaware
131 wade sailing boat, musicians, china lady pin cushion and sim. Items
132 plated teaset, plated fruit bowl, modern mantel clock, qty of dressing table ware [tray def']
133 3 disney figures, oriental figures, glass vase & other decorativeware
134 barometer & various items of brassware
135 nursery china and potteryw., 2 dishes, teaware and similar items
136 collection of royal albert 'Old Country Roses' teaware
137 2 bewick horses [both def'] few items of wedgwood, portmerion & other similar items
138 brass art nouveau jug, 3 metal bluebirds, sil top inkwell & dec. items
139 qty of Grindley 'chameleon' pottery dinner tea & coffeeware
140 place mats, candleabra & other assorted metalware
141 sylvac squirrel handle jug, character and other jugs and potteryware
142 2 sets 6 and set 3 cut drinking glasses
143 3 cut glass decanters, vinegar bottle and sifter with pl. top
144 pl. cocktail shaker, cig, cases, cruets,, sugar and cream on tray & other metalw
145 collection of poole and other dec. potteryware - 2 large bowls rep.
146 shelley cup and saucer, royal winton and other teaware
147 plated tray, pr brass candlesticks, freestanding mirror, other brassware & metalware
148 crackleware vase, biscuit jar, scent bottle and other dec. glassware - some defec.
149 Royal Albert floral decorated china teaset [1 cup missing]
150 qty of Tuscan plant floral decorated china teaware
151 small collection of copper lustre & similar ware
152 set 10 cut glass whisky tumblers
153 various bird,animal figures and other dec. ware
154 ship in bottle, coloured glassware, china figures, Wade Viking boat & other dec. ware
155 collection Aynsley floral dec. china, ribbon plates, japanese coffeeware & few other items
156 floral decorated china teaset
157 collection of T G Green blue ground white spotted dinner & teaware
158 collection of cut drinking glasses
159 blue floral dec. and some pink bordered tea and dinnerware & 3 grad. Serving plates
160 repro. Fish float & collection of dec. glassware
161 collection of blue and white and other plates and dishes
162 pr glass candlesticks, few vases & other glassware
163 collection modern blue stoneware dinner and teaware
164 glass dessert set, champagne, wine and other glasses
165 large collection of various victorian china teaware
166 meakin sil jubilee beaker, radford vase, & collection dec. china and potteryware
167 collection pottery, glass china and metal decorative ware
168 collection of fishing rods
169 brass letter rack, spirit level & few other items
170 collection of modern photo frames
171 collection of 'Elizabethan' rose decorated teaware
172 wicker picnic basket
173 butter dish with cover, plates, and other teaware
174 decorative pottery and china jugs and vases, & similar items
175 pottery dog, tureen with cover, decorative potteryware & similar items
176 leather working tools, egg coddlers and other sundry items
177 qty of Victoria china floral decorated teaware
178 cut glass vase, black & white print, plate,jam pan and copper coal bucket
179 4 various work and trinket boxes and inlaid photo frame
180 brass horse and cart, postal scales, set bronze cutlery, teapot & similar items
181 circular mirror, prints, coffee pot, torch in box, & few other items
182 few pottery plates & other decorativeware
183 terrestrial globe, metal lamp, barometer & other various items
184 art deco & other drinking glasses
185 r doulton character jug [def'] few other character & toby jugs
186 lladro goose fig' & 5 other Laldro style figures
187 royal winton, carltonware and similar china and pottery teaware
188 sil. Plated entrée dish, teaset, cake basket, cutlery & similar items
189 Collection of blue floral dec. china teaware
190 large collection of plated cutlery
191 pr candleabras, tray, assorted cutlery & other metalware
192 cut glass basket, jug, vases & bowls
193 Large qty of Mintons  'Haddon Hall' dinner & teaware
194 carltonware jug, pr Naples fig's, 2 glass vases & other glass & decorativeware
195 collection of mainly animal themed pottery & dec. ware
196 glass goat and hedgehog figs, coloured and other glassware
197 green pottery vase, cakestand [def'] other teaware & decorativeware
198 pottery musician figure miniatures, and collection of other miniature bottles
199 box of assorted items of decorativeware
200 pr masons candlesticks [slightly defective] other various teaware & decorativeware
201 few glass vases, drinking glasses & other glassware
202 royal albert coffee ware - coffee pot def', other picture decorated coffeeware & 5 various pottery jugs
203 doulton plate, cakestand, various items of teaware & dinnerware
204 2 decanters, jug, glasses and similar items
205 few items of shelley, royal albert & other teaware
206 assorted items of decorativeware
207 qty of Maddock & son floral decorated pottery dinnerare
208 large coloured glass vase, clock & assorted items of decorativeware
209 qty of victorian gilt decorated teaware
210 Noritake part trinket set, bowl;, various decorative plates & dishes
211 collection of Aynsley gilt decorated china dinner & teaware
212 pr modern figures, glass dome with stand & other glassware
213 staffs dog (defec), vict. Teaware, large pottery bowl and similar items
214 collection of dec. china and potteryware & few items denby stoneware
215 glass decanter, red tinted bowl, scent bottle and other glassware
216 biscuit jar, 2 denby jugs, glass cover jar, other glassware, & sim dec. ware
217 qty of drinking glasses & other glassware, white pottery planters, other pottery & decorativeware
218 pans, gilded lantern, kitchen and dec. ware
219 large collection of modern postcards & photographs
220 2 boxes of assorted tools & similar items
221 2 carnival glass vases, wedgwood plate, horse & cart & other decorativeware
222 collection of cut & other glasses
223 assorted cased & boxed cutlery
224 box of assorted decorativeware
225 box & basket con't few pans, crockery & similar items
226 hearth tidy, pr brass candlesticks, preserve pan & other assorted similar metalware
227 collection of tins
228 2 modern suitcases
229 box of kitchen pans & similar items
230 floral subject prints & other assorted pictures
231 wicker shopping trolley
232 qty. victorian floral dec. china teaware
233 5 various gass light shades
234 various glass vases & other glassware
235 2 carltonware bowls, wadeheath jug & other potteryware [some def']
236 doll, few flat irons, 2 toasting forks, chessboard, few shoe stretchers & pr of floral prints
237 box of assorted decorative teaware
238 animal figures & other decorativeware
239 2 burners, toby jug, doulton and other dec. ware
240 collection of dog, donkey and other animal figures
241 box of assorted linen
242 collection of handbags & similar items
243 large oak framed tapestry
244 eagle star insurance poster & Leek & Moorlands building society poster
245 2 floral framed and 1 gilt framed mirrors
246 waterolour - coastal scene, malta, and 2 other pictures
247 square gilt framed bevel edged wall mirror
248 small gilt framed reproduction picture of a dog
249 2 portraits of period gentleman
250 circular cream & gilt framed mirror
251 3 unframed seascapes, & collection of hand-drawn portraits
252 arch top gilt framed bevel edged wall mirror
253 pr circular cream framed floral subject prints
254 Assorted pictures
255 pine framed mirror and 2 mirror panels
256 oval bevel edged mirror in simulated wood frame
257 1920s oak framed octagonal bevel edged wall mirror
258 2 framed mod. Ltd. Edit. Colour prints - fighter aircraft 
259 1 large and 1 smaller framed photo prints - Manhattan street scenes
260 cased set of 6 silver handled cake knives
261 box containing jewellery and coins
262 box containing jewellery and coins
263 jewellery box containing bead necklaces, chrome pocket watch & other jewellery
264 gents wristwatch, 4 brooches in boxes & other jewellery
265 corkscrew, whistle, and 2 pendants
266 souvenir silk handkerchief, few compacts, playing cards & other similar items
267 small mother of pearl covered purse, few badges, whistle, brassware & other items
268 badge, few coins, evening purse and repro. Pocket watch
269 3 various ladies' wristwatches
270 1 gold watch
271 Garrard gold col. Gentlemans wristwatch (inscribed) on plated bracelet (incomplete)
272 ladies wristwatch on 9ct gold bracelet, in case
273 9ct gold watch chain fob and 9ct pendant (inscribed) on chain
274 2 9ct and 1 other gold signet and dress rings
275 ladies gold coloured wristwatch
276 22 ct gold wedding ring
277 plated marquetry box containing enamelled camera compact, silver brooch & other jewellery
278 2 9ct gold medals - Fleetwood F.C. 1938 & ICI ambulance
279 collection of gold & gold coloured jewellery
280 musical box containing gents wristwatch RAF badge, marquesite ring & few other items
281 pair of miniature siver photo frames
282 sterling silver toastrack
283 silver photo frame, silver topped brush, silver topped jar & silver salt dish
284 pr. Small sterling silver candlesticks
285 sterling silver cigarette box & small silver photo frame
286 cased silver knife, silver napking ring silver sugar tongs & 3 silver condiments
287 perpetual calender & silver handled pocket knife with mother of pearl handle
288 large decorative sterling silver photo frame
289 victorian metal hook with decorative london assay silver silver top
290 pair of silver rimmed glass salt dishes + spoons
291 collection of compacts
292 sterling silver serviette ring, silver brooches & few other items
293 tin containing silver medallion, other medallions & few other items
294 bakelite stud box, stratton & other compacts
295 2 needle cases [1 with stanhope], 2 pens, snuff box, purse & other items
296 2 jelly moulds & collection of stoneware items
297 assorted cutlery
298 Viking kitchen scales with weights
299 collecton of sheet music & similar items
300 pair of greenkat binoculars
301 collection of wristwatches
302 film annual, small oil, framed print and sim. Items
303 elizabeth arden jewellery box, beaded & other evening bags
304 pr ebony candlesticks, sugar nips, 2 photos, dominoes, wooden boxes & similar items
305 pair of opera glasses & pair of field glasses
306 collection of costume jewellery
307 bead necklaces and other costume jewellery
308 collection of old postcards
309 Players coronation and wills cigarette card albums & few antique photographs
310 Maisto Jaguar XKR model car
311 stamp album, football cards and similar ephemera
312 2 cameras in cases and drawing set in case
313 pair binoculars and pair opera glasses
314 pr theatrical costume pics, boys own in binders, kensitas coupons, sheet music & sim its.
315 bakelite meter in case, games,  ephemera, 2 books and few other items
316 collection of artists' equipment, tins and sundry items
317 small collection of books
318 singer portable elec. sewing machine
319 carson travelling case
320 large collection of jewellery boxes
321 modern floral decorated table lamp
322 cloth doll, torch, toasting fork, plahying cards & few other items
323 snooker cue, music stand and wall clock
324 2 cream dial telephones
325 set of snooker balls (small size), 2 tankards, cutlery & few other items
326 radio cassette & CD radio
327 small brown leather case
328 old black dial telephone
329 collection 78 rpm gramophone records
330 box cont. collection of buttons & old tin haberdashery
331 2 black metal deed boxes
332 2 drills and jigsaw
333 deLonghi elec. Toaster
334 pr ice skates and pr leather hacking boots
335 few records, tin, hand mirror, photographs & other items
336 metal birdcage
337 Wine rack, bottle stand and plantstand
338 samsung small television with remote
339 small size L G television
340 1 microwave oven
341 electrolux cylinder vacuum cleaner
342 Zanussi upright vacuum cleaner
343 qualcast mains elec. Mower
344 log effect elec. Fire
345 metal cased log effect electric fire
346 modern black standard uplighter
347 Modern steel standard uplighter
348 pr. Folding deckchairs
349 folding ironing board
350 red metal standard anglepoise lamp
351 folding aluminium platform steps
352 invalid bath lift
353 pr. Edwardian full panelled single beds
354 pr oak slatted single headboards
355 stressless style reclining armchair
356 Eames style tan leather chair and stool
357 pair wicker chairs
358 modern bedroom chair in gold upholstery
359 large modern 2 seat settee in decorated gold coloured upholstery
360 ercol light oak dining table and 4 chairs
361 2 pairs oak dining chairs
362 1920s oak draw  leaf table on spiral turned supports
363 white painted kidney shaped dressing table
364 Ekornes red leather stool
365 victorian pine chest of 2 long & 2 short drawers
366 victorian white painted chest of 2 long & 2 short drawers
367 ercol style oak sideboard
368 repro. Walnut style lounge cabinet with glazed doors to top
369 modern pine open bookcase
370 modern teak side table/desk
371 Large modern silver col. Framed wall mirror
372 pine headboard for double bed
373 pine headboard for single bed
374 metal trunk
375 metal gun cabinet
376 repro. Mahogany square top occasional table with drawer
377 modern pine kneehole desk fitted with 8 drawers
378 modern pine freestanding mirror with drawer
379 gilt framed triple freestanding mirror
380 modern pine stool with upholstered top
381 small repro. Mahogany drop leaf table on pedestal support
382 pine bedside chest of 3 drawers
383 repro. Mahogany shelves with single drawer to top
384 modern hardwood coffee table with undershelf
385 modern hardwood kitchen table with blue legs + 4 matching chairs
386 modern folding screen
387 modern pine wine rack with drawer to top
388 Sentry bent steel safe with keys 
389 modern garden bench
390 wooden garden bench
391 modern television stand
391 modern pine storage shelves
393 modern yewood 2 tier corner cabinet
394 yewood bookshelves with 2 drawers to top
395 reproduction banded mahogany bureau
396 yewood bookshelves with 2 drawers to top
397 mahogany inlaid side table
398 mahogany occasional table on tripod supports
399 ebonised victorian chair
400 mahogany framed embroidered panel firescreen
401 mahogany drop leaf dining table on turned supports
402 oak bookcase with lead glazed double doors
403 set 4 Victorian oak  chairs with rush seats
404 oak 2 tier trolley
405 edwardian bedroom chair with shaped upholstered seat
406 victorian inlaid rosewood occasional table with undershelf
407 pine cricket table
408 edwardian mahogany shaped top occ. Table
409 white lloyd loom chair
410 victorian mahogany side table with single drawer
411 repro. Drum top occ. Table
412 victorian white painted side table fitted with 2 drawers-with marble top
413 1 blue trunk
414 georgian mahogany pembroke table with drawer to each end
415 edwardian dressing chest with single framed mirror
416 set 3 edwardian oak bedroom chairs with cane seats
419 antique mahogany carver chair - repaired
417 edwardian mahogany desk/kneehole dressing table 
418 oak occasional table with undershelf
420 Woven fibre linen box
421 edwardian oak dressing chest with circular mirror
422 edwardian oak framed child's chair with rush seat
423 georgian mahogany chair with carved back and tapestry seat
424 walnut sideboard
425 repro. Oak side table - top marked
426 vict. Oak armchair with rush seat
427 victorian pine pot cupboard
428 walnut & mahogany kidned shaped kneehole dressing table with triple frameless mirrors
429 small edwardian mahogany drop leaf occasional table
430 mahogany bedroom chair
431 walnut double door display cabinet
432 repro. Mahogany semi circular table
433 walnut chest of 4 drawers
434 mahogany single door cupboard with shaped top
435 mahogany single door display cabinet
436 repro. Mahogany serpentine fronted cutlery table
437 victorian walnut sutherland table
438 edwardian mahogany combination wardrobe - mirror missing
439 oak stool with cord seat
440 modern cream plant table with floral decoration and undershelf
441 modern pine double door wardrobe on 2 drawer base
442 ergonomic stool - max weight 200 lb
443 repro. Oak priory style canted end single door cupboard
444 pine dresser with sliding doors to base
445 Mahogany lift top box
446 mahogany magazine rack
447 modern pine long lift top blanket box
448 victorian stool with upholstered top
449 edwardian mahogany box seat piano stool with sloping seat                                                           
450 victorian mahogany chest of 3 long & 2 short drawers [no feet ]
451 pr. Edwardian oak bedroom chairs with cane seats
452 victorian mahogany bow fronted chest 3 long and 2 short drawers
453 victorian mahogany chest of 3 long & 2 short drawers
454 1920s reproduction mahogany sideboard with raised back-on ball & claw feet
455 oak cased chiming grandmother clock
456 victorian mahogany chest 3 long, 2 short and 3 small drawers
457 large antique oak wall mounting corner cabinet
458 oak bureau with double door lead glazed top
459 art nouveau oak single mirrored door wardrobe with base drawer
460 oak stool with cord seat
461 edwardian quartetto of mahogany tables
462 victorian mahogany chest 2 long and 2 short drawers
463 edwardian mahogany shaped front sideboard
464 victorian carved mahogany cased vienna wall clock - converted
465 oak 4 tier sectional bookcase
466 regency mahogany sewing table with flaps, 2 drawers and 2 dummy drawers
467 edwardian mahogany music cabinet of 8 drawers
468 edwardian inlaid mahogany bureau
469 victorian oak 4 door breakfront bookcase on 4 door base




Although we do try to assist where possible, we cannot usually provide boxes. Please endeavor to provide your own packing materials.


Would all buyers please be aware that we require all lots to be cleared by Thursday teatime following the auction.

We would like to remind our customers that there is no connection between ourselves & another local auction room [now closed]known as 'lot 3' or 'Ansdell Auctions'


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