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THIS PAGE WAS LAST UPDATED  Monday September 23rd  Historic news items remain on this page for general interest.


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 2013 was a landmark year for the directors of Kingsway Auction Rooms. Auctioneer & Valuer Val Elliott marked 35 years of service. Val started working at the auction rooms in the summer of 1978, as an assistant to the auctioneer. It was initially a summer job and was meant to only last for a few weeks. Those few weeks  turned into 30 years. Her co-director, Peter Crouch is not too far behind in completing 30 years service. Peter started working at the auction rooms in the Spring of 1983 as assistant porter intending only to stay for a few weeks before moving on. Val & Peter of course now own Kingsway Auction Rooms and are proud of their long service achievements.

Other News


The BBC 'Flog it' programme continues to be repeated. A feature on the making & broadcast of this programme can be found further down this page.


A few notable sale results ...

Martinware Vase 320.  Royal Doulton Lady Jester Figure 680. Royal Doulton

Tete aTete Figure group 500. Clarice Cliff Sifter 165. Prussian Sword 190.

Rolex Oyster Watch 330. Sterling Silver Tray 770. Victorian Mahogany Chest 230.

Mahogany & Walnut Chest 380. Daneman Grand Piano 490. Inlaid Flap Table 320.

Georgian Oak Bureau Bookcase with later carving 360.

Arts & Crafts Oak Hall Robe

The Arts & Crafts Oak Hall Robe sold  for 2,600! Click on photo to enlarge.

noveau robe.JPG (32829 bytes)


Please visit The History page, it has been updated with photos of items sold.

  click on photo to enlarge

MVC-052S.JPG (30177 bytes)

MVC-078S.JPG (37554 bytes)

Moorcroft Macintyre Biscuit Barrel 740 Crown Devon Plaque 290



Part 1 of the recently filmed edition of BBC Flog it! was broadcast on Thursday 12th May-6pm. BBC 2. 

The programme opened with  the valuation day at the Norbreck Castle Hotel during which certain items were selected for auction. The next part of the show featured Val in discussion with the presenter, Paul Martin, the possibility of those items reaching the estimates suggested by the experts. Val generally had mixed feelings as to whether the items would sell or not. The 1st item was the Bylock Tablevac, which all agreed might have difficulty in realising the 50 reserve price. Surprisingly, the item was sold by Peter for 54. Val took the rostrum for the remaining items. The next item shown was the Whitefriars glass vase, carrying a reserve of 30, this sold for 50. This was followed by the Green earthenware Pig. Val had serious doubts as to whether this would reach its reserve of 200. The bidding fell well short of the figure, so remained unsold as Val had predicted. Next was a Carltonware Coffee set. The reserve of 80 was just eclipsed, selling for 85. 

The programme then showed a short documentary on the Lytham and  St. Annes lifeboat before moving onto a feature on Blackpool illuminations.

 Next it was back to the valuation day before returning to the auction room. The next item to be offered was an unusual item called a Go to Bed, which was being sold with a Victorian jubilee medal. This item failed to reach its reserve of 80, the bidding stopping a little short at 60. The next item was one of more interesting lots, being, fish decorated glass vase by Edward Hald. The reserve was 300 but it was hoped hoped that this figure may be exceeded. Indeed it was, selling for 540. Next were 3 Moorcroft vases, 1 of which was defective. The reserve of 120 was easily passed and they were sold for 230. The final item to be shown was the Martinware vase. This item provided the most anticipation as Martinware items have become much sought after. The reserve was cautiously set at 250 but all concerned agreed that it could sell for a great deal more. There were many bidders in room + a telephone bidder. Everybody was amazed as the price escalated & peaked at the impressive figure of 1150. 


Part 2 of the recently filmed edition of BBC Flog it! was broadcast on Monday 6th June-6pm. BBC 2. 

The programme opened with Paul Martin ascending into the tower ballroom with the famous Wurlitzer organ. After the main titles the BBC experts, Nigel Smith & Jethro Marles were seen selecting items at the valuation day held at the Norbreck. The items selected were a travel trunk, a Clarice Cliff bowl, Georgian silver sugar basket & pr of Cornish scene watercolours. The next scene was taken from the auction room with Val & Paul in discussion as to whether she thought the items would sell at the suggested reserves. With the exception of the trunk, Val agreed that the prices hoped for could be reached.

Peter was given the task of selling the trunk. All agreed that the reserve of 60 was optimistic. This was proved correct as the bidding stalled at 24 leaving the item unsold. Val was to be shown selling the remaining items. The next item was the Clarice Cliff bowl which reached the figure of 120 against a reserve of 100. The Georgian Silver basket carried a reserve of 250, this was slightly eclipsed selling for 260. The pair of Cornish scene watercolours were admired by Paul Martin, being a Cornishman. Sadly he is not allowed to bid for items but he was pleased to see the reserve of 70 easily being beaten by a final bid of 105.

The next part of the programme showed a feature on the Blackpool trams before returning to the valuation day. The items selected this time were a Moorcroft vase, a 15ct brooch decorated with fighting cocks, pair of Silver sugar tongs by Hester Bateman, a metal chatelaine & a pair of Staffordshire figures. At this point there was a further feature on the Blackpool trams before showing the final part of the auction.

Moorcroft is ever popular at the saleroom. Although the vase offered for sale on this occasion was damaged, the 60 reserve was just surpassed and sold for 70, however it was felt it might have brought a little more. The estimate on the brooch proved accurate as the reserve of 150 fell just short of the final price being, 170. The metal chatelaine was estimated at 60 but was offered without a reserve selling for 36. The silver sugar tongs were sold on the reserve at 50. The final lot shown was the pair of Staffordshire figures of the evangelists Sankey & Moody. It was felt that the reserve of 300 would easily be reached. There was a lot of interest in the items and with the assistance of a telephone bid the final price reached was a satisfactory 480.


click on photos to enlarge

MVC-035S.JPG (38937 bytes)

MVC-036S.JPG (26525 bytes)

Victorian Walnut credenza-sold for 2,200

Burleighware jug-sold for 390


Click on the photos below to enlarge.

MVC-031S.JPG (29536 bytes)

MVC-028S.JPG (36622 bytes)

Paul Martin draws the raffle Paul Martin with Peter & Val

We were approached by a BBC researcher during the summer of 2004 with a view to appearing on their 'Flog It!' programme. A number of salerooms had been visited & we were honoured that ours was chosen as the most suitable. It was agreed that our sale on January 11th 2005 would be filmed for the programme The BBC then held a valuation day at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Bispham, near Blackpool. A number of locals visited this event to have their items appraised, hoping that they would be selected for the auction. At the end of that day we collected those items chosen. At that point the items were still wrapped up so we didn't know what they were. We did not know what to expect. In due course they were unwrapped & included in the lots for the sale.  

The next visit by the BBC to the saleroom was on Monday January 10th. At this point Barbara, our auction day saleroom assistant, was filmed showing the lots as if it were auction day. This in itself took about 1 1/2 hours. The crew also filmed customers browsing & general saleroom activity. Later that morning, the presenter Paul Martin & further BBC crew arrived. Further filming took place in and around the saleroom. During the afternoon it was time for Val to sit down with Paul Martin & be filmed discussing the auction items and whether or not they thought they would reach the  reserves. Quite a crowd gathered as interested onlookers were eager to see Val & Paul in conversation. This part of the day took well over two hours, of course it will be edited to only a few minutes.

The following day, January 11th was of course auction day. With customers keen to attend the auction people were arriving as early as 7.45am. The seats soon filled & by the 9.30am start time the room was packed to the rafters. Just before the start of the auction footage of people bidding was taken, and this is edited into the programme. The auction was soon underway & it was not long before the first 'Flog It!' lot was to be offered. Paul Martin could be heard in the background talking to the vendor as the lot was sold. As this part is filmed live it added to the excitement in the room. As the public generally did not know which were the 'Flog It!' lots, this added to the tension. Most of the 'Flog It!' lots were successfully sold during the day, some far exceeding the original estimate. We have been asked by the producer not to reveal any sale results until after the programme has been broadcast. 

Two editions of the programme were made from this visit to the saleroom. A report on each programme can be found elsewhere on this page.



Miniature Wellington Chest 460

Carltonware Vase 420

MVC-064S.JPG (30489 bytes)

MVC-066S.JPG (19655 bytes)

Miniature Wellington Chest 460 Carltonware vase 420

Clarice Cliff Caddy..390

Victorian Mantel Clock..130

cl cl caddy.jpg (21466 bytes)

ols clock.jpg (32256 bytes)

Clarice Cliff Caddy Victorian Mantel Clock

Pair of Moorcroft Macintyre Cover Vases..1100

Victorian Wall Clock by Condliffe..700

macintyre.jpg (23207 bytes)

MVC-868S.JPG (25474 bytes)

Pair of Macintyre vases

Victorian Wall Clock

Click photos to enlarge.


MVC-901S.JPG (38834 bytes)click to enlarge

Tom Clough Watercolour 1450


Tom Clough Watercolour-'Summertime in Devonshire' 1450

Mahogany Long Cased Clock-Dulvile-Stockport. 2200

Oak 2 Tier Bookcase-800

 A collection of Royal Doulton China Lady figures. Among them,Margot-[HN 1636-pictured below] reached 450. A similar figure-Hinged Parasol [HN 1579] reached 350. A tall Royal Doulton Lambeth style vase sold for 300. A German bisque headed doll-185. The Minton cup/saucer & bowl [pictured below] sold for 125. A pair of Murano glass lady figures-150. A pair of Royal Dux lady figures which were both defective sold for 370. A Watercolour by F.W. Scarbrough realised 460. A 18th C oak long cased clock in need of some restoration was purchased by a local collector for 1050

MVC-896S.JPG (16747 bytes)

MVC-899S.JPG (31485 bytes)

Royal Doulton-Margot

Minton Cup Saucer & Bowl


Carved Oak Corner Wardrobe..120

Oak Blanket Box..145

Walnut Davenport..320

Rosewood Davenport..920

Walnut Bedroom Suite..350

Carved Oak Sideboard..160

Oak Hall Robe..115

Oak Bookcase..160


Edwardian Mahogany Long Cased Clock..490

Candle Box..90

Beleek Oval Meatplate..195

Pair of Fred Hines Watercolours..340

Reproduction Mahogany Grandmother Clock..125

Black Lacquered Bureau..205

Oak Cased Bracket Clock..250

Mahogany Bookcase..510



Carltonware Humidor & Royal Worcester Vase

MVC-808S.JPG (28904 bytes) monteith.jpg (33667 bytes)

Humidor 155

Monteith 1,275

2 Folding Victorian Photo Frames 120

Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Plant Table 175

Similar Occasional Table To Above 180

Inlaid 3 Tier Dumb Waiter 210

Reproduction Figured Walnut Bureau 220

Figured Walnut Bedroom Suite 280

Pair of Mezzotints 102

Victorian dressing Table 170

Edwardian Music Chest 125

Carltonware Cover Jar 125

Similar Carltonware Cover Jar 125

Carved Oak Fire Surround

Brass Oil Lamp 120

Silver Rosebowl 180

Victorian Wardrobe 130

Royal Worcester Vase 220

Edwardian Games Table 210


Georgian Mahogany Bookcase sold  for 3.350 . The Gold ring set with Diamond & 2 Sapphires sold for 450.

MVC-778S.JPG (33416 bytes) MVC-776S.JPG (38193 bytes)
Georgian Bureau Bookcase 3,350 Diamond & Sapphire Gold Ring 450


 We are now pleased to offer a collection & delivery service operated by ourselves. This service is available to vendors & purchasers at a very reasonable rate. For larger collections we will continue to sub-contract to a reputable local remover. (click to enlarge photo)


MVC-729S.JPG (49406 bytes)


Below- further sale results

2 Hummell Figures-165 each

Carved Oak Bookcase-220

Walnut Framed Cheval Mirror-220

Yew Display Cabinet-165

Pair of Shelley Vases-52

Pair of Worcester Locke & co Candle Holders-58

Reproduction Oak Dining Room Suite-190

Oak Bookcase-130

Small Mahogany Gateleg Table-160

The Beswick cockerall [photo below] sold for 500. The Carltonware cover vase shown is one of 2 similar items, sold for 350 each. Other notable results from this sale are below.

Leghorn Cockerall Figure...160

Pair of Doulton Slaters Vases...80

Pair of Copeland Spode Candlesticks...145

Silver & Tortoiseshell Trinket Box...205

Victorian Black Marble Mantel Clock...110

Various Hornby & Other Railway Items...500

Reproduction Kneehole Desk...190

Victorian Mahogany Chiffonier...500

Plated 4 pce Teaset...120

Heubach Doll...210

Armand Marseille Doll...170

Victorian Childs Armchair...95


MVC-734S.JPG (30419 bytes)

MVC-735S.JPG (42244 bytes)

Beswick Cockerell-500

Carlton cover vase 350

BOOKCASE SELLS FOR  7.200[September 24th]

MVC-713S.JPG (44315 bytes)

Brass & Ebony Inlaid Rosewood Bookcase- 7,200

More Sale Results .

Pair of Royal Winton Grimwades Vases 270

Victorian Carved Oak Open Bookcase 460

Oak Lift Top Blanket Box 460

Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Dressing Table 200

Victorian 5pce Toilet Set 190

Chinese Laquered Dining Room Furniture 1200

Edwardian Hallstand 150

Clarice Cliff 'Chicken' Milk Jug 580

Edwardian Display Cabinet 240

Victorian Carved Oak Sideboard 270

Victorian Vienna Style Wall Clock 260

Oil Lamp with EPNS Base 200

Cranberry Claret Jug 95

4pce Decanter Set In Plated Stand 190

MVC-687S.JPG (29459 bytes)

MVC-689S.JPG (52571 bytes)

Georgian Oak Cupboard Chest-1050 4 pce Silver Teaset-810

Victorian Mahogany 2 section Open Bookshelf..400

Victorian Mahogany Hallstand..520

Georgian Oak Welsh Dresser..2200

Oak Long Cased Clock..1150

Walnut Bureau With Laquered Decoration..115

Victorian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet..450

Qty of Masons Dinner & Teaware..140

Qty of Shelley China Teaware..315

Oak Bow Fronted Sideboard..95

Victorian Inlaid Rosewood Sideboard..450

Victorian Oak Sideboard With Mirrored Back..480

Georgian Inlaid Mahogany Corner Cupboard..775

Victorian Envelope Top Card Table..450

More sale results can be seen on the "SALE HISTORY" page


We would like to point out that Kingsway Auction Rooms are willing to assist any charity organisation by auctioning items free of charge. Many local charities are already taking advantage of this offer & we will be pleased to hear from others who may require our service.


For any further information please contact us either by phone-01253 735442-or by E mail
























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